Botox® in Orange County & Inland Empire, CA

Bothered by fine lines and wrinkles? Do they make you look older than your years? One highly effective solution, popular with men as well as women, is Botox®. Coast Regenerative Medicine is pleased to offer Botox® treatments to patients residing in Southern California, including San Bernardino County, Orange County, Covina, San Diego, the Inland Empire, and other surrounding areas.

What is Botox®?

Botox® was among the first dermal fillers to appear on the market many years ago and is often considered the granddaddy of all facial fillers. As time has gone by, many other beneficial uses have been uncovered for this injectable besides its original purpose, which was to soften or erase the appearance of age-related lines and wrinkles, particularly around the eyes.

In addition to facial rejuvenation, Botox® injections at Coast Regenerative Medicine are also used to reduce or eliminate the number of migraine headache episodes for patients who are currently dealing with frequent migraines.

What Does Botox® Cost in Santa Ana, CA?

Botox® prices will typically vary between patients, with several variables factored in, including how many injections are needed. Injections are usually priced by the unit, with the total cost dependent on how many units are actually used.

During your initial consultation, a personalized treatment plan will be created, and you’ll be given a more accurate assessment of your total Botox® cost at that time.

Since insurance companies seldom cover the cost of elective cosmetic procedures, we try to keep procedure costs as affordable as possible for our patients. Complimentary consultations are available and we’re pleased to be able to offer financing for our patients through CareCredit®.

How Does Botox® Work?

Most people who are typing in ‘Botox® near me’ are not only looking to find a clinic that offers Botox® treatments, but they also want to know more about how Botox® is able to do what it does.

One of the reasons Botox® remains so popular is that it’s so incredibly effective in diminishing (or eliminating almost completely) lines, wrinkles, and skin folds caused by aging. You get the results of a surgical facelift without the undesirable parts of undergoing any surgery, such as incisions, scars, and downtime. Botox® is administered with very tiny, micro-fine needles, so small that most patients experience very little, if any, pain at all.

Lines and wrinkles are caused by repeated muscle contractions over many years, such as when you smile, laugh, frown, or squint. By targeting these muscles, Botox® is able to temporarily reduce the muscle activity. The skin around your eyes and between your brows will begin to appear smooth, as if the crow’s feet at the corner of your eyes and the frown lines between your brows were simply erased.

What Are the Benefits of Botox®?

Because a Botox® injection can be used in a wide variety of applications, the benefits seen are equally diverse. Some benefits are constant regardless of the application. For example, in every instance, Botox® is a minimally invasive procedure, and there is generally little or no downtime needed to recover.

Some of the other benefits are more limited to the exact purpose of the procedure. Most people, both men and women, are thrilled with the results of their Botox® treatment. The most popular benefits include:

  • Drastic reduction of lines and wrinkles, creating an almost flawless complexion
  • Lifts drooping eyebrows, giving a more alert, rested, youthful look
  • Massive increase in self-confidence
  • For migraine sufferers, the number of episodes is drastically reduced and often eliminated completely
  • Can also be used for overactive bladders, incontinence, excessive sweating and to treat crossed eyes (strabismus), just to name a few of the other issues Botox® can be used to treat

Am I a Good Candidate for Botox®?

Botox® treatment is generally not recommended if you’re currently pregnant or still nursing a baby. Other than that, if you’re a healthy adult with no current or past issues with neuromuscular disease, you’re probably a great candidate for Botox® injections.

During your initial consultation, the doctor will assist you in making sure your expectations are realistic and deciding whether or not Botox® is the perfect solution for what you hope to achieve.

If you still have questions about Botox® injections, or would like to set up a complimentary consultation to discuss your unique situation, contact us today. Our offices serve most of Southern California, including San Bernardino and Orange counties, Covina, San Diego, the Inland Empire, and other surrounding areas.